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Are you looking for the Best Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon with true reputation among IT training companies? If yes, then you are on the right page. Certainly, Selenium trained certification has big value in IT sector. Of course, this can become a good decision to secure a stable career in IT sector. One can achieve remarkable growth too by having this certification and true expertise in the core concepts. There is a good need of professionals with excellent level of knowledge in Selenium. Thus, participants of such training program need to attain thorough knowledge and core strength in resolving real time scenarios to be expert professionals.

For this, one requires being at a place where the training is sincerely about practical modules with some realistic situations using simulators. The concerned training module should be a superb mix of thorough knowledge under the guidance of expert professionals. Talent Plus Plus, Gurugram is certainly the one place where you can have all this along with experts to train you in different ways to perform troubleshooting. We equipped participants of Selenium Training with thorough knowledge and also give them chance to experience real time scenarios.  

In this the Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon, we offer hands on training on highly technical, advanced automation testing using Selenium tool. We are having one specially designed curriculum for engineering graduates. Such training program can never be completed without thorough knowledge along with practical to understand Automation, mystery of Open Source and various commercial tools. Talent Plus Plus is renowned for this sort of training program as we have specialized modules to suffice the need of keen knowledge earners. Several working professionals from the top IT companies are our students. These are masters of solving really tough Selenium problems and the reason behind their success is our intense training which is a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge as well as hands on experience of real time scenarios. We offer guidance of experienced professionals for the training. All these are having years of work experience regarding Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver and other project oriented techniques. Several experts from renowned companies of IT sector in this city have reviewed our course material. We have been recognized as the Best Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon for our practical approach of training over application testing.

We support regular practice over real time projects for the training program because such projects and personal attention can only yield remarkable professionals. Other than this, we do provide Placement support for all the trainees. Our institute has everything to suffice your need of remarkable training program and that is why, this institute has reputation as the Best Selenium Training in Gurugram. If you are looking for a Selenium Training then you should choose us because we are also offering Free E-Books and tools. We are not just a bunch of fancy decorated class rooms. Of course, this is the good time choose us and join our Selenium Training Program as soon as possible.  

You will get following in Selenium Training Program of Talent Plus Plus;

  • Practice Using Advanced Simulators
  • Perfect Ratio of Theory And Practical Exposure
  • Real Time Projects for Practical Knowledge
  • Flexibility in Course Duration
  • Affordable Course Fee
  • Placement Assistance

On the basis of these points, several aspirants joined us and our comprehensive Selenium training really helped them in achieving their career goals. Talent Plus Plus is a place where you will get everything as per industry standards. From latest devices and all other infrastructures, we are maintaining everything to give our trainees feel of better study environment.  All our trainers are certified professionals. Their expertise in preparing a remarkable program for trainees had given the shape of the Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon. We equipped our trainees of Selenium Training Program with thorough theoretical knowledge and also allow them to work upon real time scenarios.  

We understand our responsibility and that is why we more emphasis on quality training. Our training techniques and processes are well supported by highly researched content. With the help of live projects, we can really make your dream of having Selenium certification, absolutely possible. Our adequate course content contains real time Test Suite and knowledge about Assertion Vs Verification. Other than this, experienced software testers as trainers can only offer you quality education. Join us and get expertise in preparing real time projects, prepare for certification and get certified to have a great career. We promise you for adequate support in getting job and personal attention during training program. Selenium Training with this Best Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon will surely ease your dream of getting certification.  We are sure that you will also love to be the part of our next training batch. Remember, we are claiming all this on the basis of our strength which has been recognized by industry experts. Certainly, you should take the call and response fast to secure your future. Be participants to attain this training program. You have read about core strength of our institute; expert professionals to train you on practical modules based on realistic situation using simulators. Better infrastructure, flexible course duration and last, but not the least, moderate fee structure have attracted many to join the program.

Visit Talent Plus Plus and see yourself all the relevant factors about knowledge and experience of our team. Meet our trainers and talk to them about their experiences. Understand the value of our training program and also, their ways of training people about Selenium. You will be really amazed to experience all this.

We hope that this page was helpful in clarifying your doubts. Still, there are chances of some queries and we would love to answer all of them. Thus, we suggest you to visit the institute that offers Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon. We can really make your dream of having Selenium certification, absolutely possible in an affordable fee.  Give us a call. 

Selenium Training in Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon Delhi: Learn from the experts

Are you looking for Selenium Training in Gurgaon? Selenium is becoming very popular these day. More and more IT companies are adopting Selenium as automation tool. With availability of wide support from open source community Selenium is replacing all sorts of commercial automation tool. Selenium now has powerful framework to implement basic to advanced test automation strategy in projects. Being open source and low cost of implementation, demand of automation testers with knowledge of selenium is increasing day by day. It is the right time to grasp the opportunity of this high demand by getting yourself trained in Selenium. We are offering practical selenium training in Gurgaon on weekends by our highly experienced selenium trainers. Today computers have literally taken over the world. With the help of computers, every industry is prospering and there have been revolutionary changes thanks to the various types of changes that the computer has brought forth. Consider for example, the traditional technological processes and the modern day practices. There has been a sea of change and most of it has been brought forward with the help of Selenium Training.

You can learn this training at Selenium Training in Delhi institutes and once you are fluent with the training course, you will be able to test the program yourself and with much ease. Most applications that are being created need constant testing and rechecking to see that they will be perfect and glitch-free and provide absolutely no glitches at the end of the day. This is one prime reason why it is necessary to get your Selenium Training in Gurgaon done from the best institutes. These institutes will cover everything and will teach you everything from the start. This makes it a lot easier to implement and test more software.

Most of the Selenium Training courses are designed to familiarize the testing professionals with the basics of testing web applications using the software Selenium. Though there are many other types of software for testing, a lot of them prefer to have it done through Selenium because it is easy to use and much efficient than others.

Once a Selenium Training course is done, testers will now be able to build, enhance, and maintain scripts using both the Selenium IDE and the Selenium 2 WebDriver, the two main applications that are currently used for Selenium Training. There are also some courses where the learner will be provided with Hands-on instruction. Once this instruction is understood and provided, the learners will be able to explore the power of using Selenium.

The Selenium IDE plug-in is very effective and is able to build resilient test scripts using a wide variety of current programming languages. The main focus of Selenium training, however, is to have the basic knowledge on how to resolve the common web automated testing challenges. When you are learning selenium training, you are looking at an intended audience which is what you should be concentrating on. In this case, the intended audience is the client who is looking for testers to check their software applications and automate them.

Here are the benefits of Selenium Training in Gurgaon Delhi:

  • You will be able to understand the purpose of automation and use them to test various software
  • The automated tests will be very easy to handle and you can also play them back to get a better idea.
  • The analyzing and the viewing of the results are also much easier after you have learnt the process of Selenium Training.
  • It is also easy to schedule automatic tests when you are trained in particular software.
  • Last but not the least, it is also very easy to modify the scripts and formats here

Talent++ Institute provides Selenium Training in Gurgaon Delhi. Click on the below link to know more about fees and trainers.

Call us at 91+9911449111 for more details.

Why You Should Learn Selenium from Talent++ in Gurugram?

Talent++ is the pioneer in teaching Selenium in Gurgaon over the last 5 years. All our Selenium trainers are working professionals in top Indian Multinational companies such as IBM, HCL, Sapient etc. They understand the complexities of actual projects where selenium is used as an automation tool. It is better to learn the practical aspect of technology than the theoretical stuff. This is where our experienced trainers come handy. They train on weekends. You will learn the best possible practical lessons in Selenium.

  • Expert support with Live projects
  • Lifetime JOB alerts from Talent++
  • Join a network of experienced Selenium Testers
  • Low course fee for Selenium in entire Delhi NCR area
  • Flexible weekend classes

Selenium is becoming popular. There are thousands of vacancies for Selenium job. Get this opportunity to learn selenium in Gurgaon. Call us now – +91-9911449111.

Selenium Training in Gurgaon


Are you looking for Selenium Training in Gurgaon?

Selenium automation testing is one of the booming disciplines in IT Industry and is one of most demanding skills, which is highly in demand from every small and major company in India and around the world. Every long term projects are switching to open source tools and Selenium is one of the preferred open source tools for automation testing.

Talent Plus Plus offers best Selenium Training in Gurgaon with most experienced working professionals. Our Instructors are working in Selenium and related technologies for more than 5 years in multi-national companies. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering Selenium Training in Gurgaon in more practical and better way. Our team of Selenium trainers offers Selenium in Classroom training, Selenium Online Training and Selenium Corporate Training services. We designed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginners to advanced level. Our training programs are delivered either on weekdays or weekends depending on participants’ requirement. We do offer Fast-Track Selenium Training in Gurgaon and One-to-One Selenium Training in Gurgaon. Here are the major topics we cover under this Selenium course Syllabus Introduction, Selenium Architecture, Locator Techniques, Selenium IDE, Selenium setup, Selenium RC, WebDriver, Testing, AutoIT, and Selenium Grid. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with real world examples.

Talent++ is the best Training Institute offers project oriented Selenium Training in Gurugram. Our participants will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at end of our sessions. We are building a team of Selenium trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placements as well. Compared to others, we are the only Selenium training institute in Gurgaon who can help you with practical knowledge about Selenium tool.

Talent Plus Plus Gurgaon has the lowest course fee for learning hands on Selenium in Gurgaon.

Why is selenium preferred over other tools?  Selenium is a web automation framework that supports testing in multiple browsers. One of the biggest advantage Selenium has over the other off the shelf commercial tools is that it supports script development in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby and many more, whereas with commercial tools you will need to work on a very tightly coupled scripting language with the tool and there is no option of changing the scripting language.

Selenium can be used from the very beginning of the project life cycle and also used for regression testing. Selenium has been known for its flexible automation capabilities and is preferred by thousands of automation engineers around the world.

Why should every tester learn Selenium? The world is moving away from highly expensive commercial tools to open source platforms. The scope of automation and regression is increasing day by day. As the clients and project managers are becoming more and more aggressive about product quality there is a need to for quality regression suit which can be developed with low cost. Many organizations today are looking for skilled selenium testers. But they are unable to find testers with right set of skills who can develop selenium framework and write scripts. Learning selenium will not only increase your chances of getting a job but also it will help you in long term prospect in any organization.

Join our selenium course in Gurgaon today and shape the future you always wanted.

We are offering FREE Demo classes on Weekends in Gurugram. Make sure you reserve your demo class by calling +91-9911449111 today.

Become a Selenium Professional with Best Selenium Training Centers in Gurgaon Delhi

Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon. There is knowledge and training from industry experts that you can get and also study on weekends and special weekday classes with the best of Selenium courses in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, NCR.

About the Selenium Course and details:

In today’s environment one should always remember it is filled with intelligent web portals for achieving all sorts of transactions in real the world. Selenium is fast becoming more preferred tool for testing such web portals in today’s world. The popularity of Selenium is surpassing any other tool that exists in the market now and wit unique possibilities. The reason is because Selenium is an open source tool and it gives the flexibility to interact with Web Applications using various automation techniques.

This course is for Engineering and Science graduates those who want to pursue their career in automation testing with Selenium and have an upper edge in this competitive world with this unique course. The program is designed to cover specialized modules which are covering different aspects of real world work environment and it also enables the students to be prepared for industry specific actual application testing.

Some of the best working professionals from India’s top IT companies are in various institutes to guide and train you as per the requirement of the real world and hence, they concentrate on solving real selenium problems with impractical knowledge, what you obtain is real selenium training in various parts of Delhi and Gurgaon. The various institutes support the students with real time projects, interview questions and individual attention from all the high quality professionals in Selenium Web Driver with Java.

LOW COURSE FEE and Training by Working Professionals from MNCs. Our selenium trainers in Gurgaon are all full time automation testing professionals from multinational companies with years of hands on experience.

Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon
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Between IFFCO Chowk and Bata Chowk,
Email : [email protected]
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