Software Testing Resume Template – Top 10 Tips

Software Testing Resume Template – How to write the best resume sample for software testing?

I find many resume samples that are sent to my when I try to interview for software testing vacancies in my organization. Most of the resumes get rejected just by looking at them for few seconds. Most of the time it is because they do not use a good software testing resume template. So I am presenting my own top 10 tips for a great software testing resume template. Here you go.

  1. Do not write the word ‘Resume’, ‘CV’ etc on the top of the resume. Instead write your name in bold letters. You may include your mobile number and email id for ready reference.
  2. Delete the career objective that you have copied from your friend’s resume. Ask this to yourself – who does not want to work in a growth oriented company where he or she can utilize his or her skills to the fullest? Career object is just a waste of space and believe me, nobody reads that section.
  3. Include a two liner summary about your experience, skills, tools etc. so that the person reading your resume can know about your profile in 10 seconds.
  4. Remove all unnecessary information like father’s name, hobbies, place of birth, schooling information etc. You will have enough time to give that information when you are selected.
  5. Structure the content of the resume based on your past experience such as skills, automation tools, domains etc.
  6. Highlight your key skills and domain expertise. Talk about your USP and how you could add value to the organization that is recruiting you.
  7. The purpose of a resume is to generate enough interest in you to have a prospective employer contact you for an interview. Don’t fill the resume with too much information. Nobody will read a resume for more than 2-3 pages at the max.
  8. Use bullet points to convey information. Make information readily available to the recruiter. But be sure that whatever you have written in the resume, you will be able to explain it.
  9. Use a single font throughout the resume (Garamond, 12pt – my favourite). Do not use too much underline, bold and highlight in the software testing resume template.
  10. Get your resume reviewed by a friend or an expert. Take feedback and improve the resume. Use a good resume template suitable to your domain and update your resume frequently.

Bonus: Search in the internet with the keyword such as good resume template, sample resume template for testing, software testing resume, also you can search with the following keyword in google filetype:docx software testing resume. You will get hundreds of software testing resume samples from google.

Resume is your first impression on the recruiter and you only have about 10 seconds to impress a recruiter. Believe me nobody looks at your resume for more than 10 seconds. So it is very important that you highlight what your special skills are in your software testing resume. Choose a good software testing resume template and keep on modifying until it becomes a good resume sample. If you have some questions on software testing resume template let know by commenting on this blog post. I am also planning to upload some software testing resume samples here soon.

How to Make Resume Unique – 3 Important Ways

A resume is a small document summarizing your career objectives, skilled experiences and achievements, and academic background. To stay ahead of alternative candidates, you must think about the data in your resume rigorously and certify that it’s personal to you. Here are a few tips about creating your resume distinctive to you:

1. Customize your career objective : Your resume is the mirror of your professional experience; your career objective is your first impression as a professional. You state your wishes as a professional to your leader, not simply reiterate what others wish. State your commitment to your career goal. If you’re unaware of your wish, the leader will also be unsure that you really need the work at their organization and you’re not just applying because you need a change from your current work environment? Mention your expectations clearly about the employment and corporation. Prove that you are willing to take action to attain your goal and hence make them believe in your commitment towards work. Also show how you will accomplish your career objective. Lastly, be specific regarding what you’re searching for in a work scenario. You might end up saying that you are searching a “challenging” task, this doesn’t mean something to your leader, and folks outline challenges in numerous ways. Don’t get trapped in an interview by using generic and broad terms. Merely state what you wish, and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

2. Your professional experience is completely yours. The biggest mistake done by many of the candidates is that they don’t make their unique elements prominent. Use influential words to list your duties, and certify that you simply have a winning perspective in every statement. Concentrate on those talents that best describes the abilities you acquired in every job that makes you the most deserving applicant for the position you’re seeking. Quantify your responsibilities that you once attained to show your potential leader that you are drive by results and are capable of exceptional goals. Don’t be back regarding promoting your qualifications – you earned them with your diligence and dedication.

3. Your cover letter is equally important as your resume, so spend some time and personalize your cover letter. Do not send the same cover letter for all the positions you apply. Include the information like who will accept the letter at the corporate (contact data is often listed within the job description), what position you’re applying for, and show how the information in your resume aligns well with the job necessities. If your resume leads to any queries that can be raised, your letter additionally permits you to deal with that information, don’t let your resume be rejected for not providing a customized letter. Overall certify that your letter supports your resume and presents you as the most qualified candidate for the job.

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