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The difference between definition based training and real world process based training is the trainers who are professional employees with years of real experience working in elite companies.

We value our students. Our aim is to continuously improve our course materials by evaluating our placement success rate and feedback from the past students. To make this happen we routinely encourage our students to write back to us. Here is a small sample of our many happy students and what they have to say about us.

The best thing I got from this institute was Ajoy Singha’s self-compiled testing book. It is the best source of practical knowledge in testing. The way interview questions (technical and HR) are answered by him are awesome. The good news is this book is provided free to each student joining the manual testing course. He is the best trainer I ever had.” – Ranajoy Chakrabarty

I took a course from Ajoy sir and it was very helpful. His way of teaching by giving examples from practical life makes the understanding of technical terms easy to digest and remember.” – Chandan Das

I have just completed the QTP course from Jaijeet sir and I am happy to announce that the JOB alerts from this institute have actually helped me secure my job in Infosys as an automation tester. I have been very impressed with the way the QTP framework has been developed and the way we learnt the same. I have no hesitation in recommending the QTP course to others considering undertaking it.” – Anupam Garg

I would highly recommend this institute to everyone who would like to expand their horizons, not only in the world of IT but also in their personal life. Ajoy sir’s motivational stories in the class and the way he teaches to handle interview make this institute unique in Gurgaon area.” – Rashmi Pathak

I really admire the idea of practice as a method to teach and learn. There are almost no similar courses that are provided by the faculties of software testing in this institute. I am glad I joined this institute.” – Gaurav Sharma

The list is long. So we asked our students to give us feedback in the form of comments.

20 thoughts on “Student Testimonials”

  1. I was a student of this institute. The biggest advantage I got is to learn from the working professionals. This gives you the exact idea how the actual work happens in the companies. Thank you Ajoy sir for creating this initiative.

    Sandeep Saini,

    1. Thank you Sandeep. All our trainers are working professionals and you have rightly said that is the biggest advantage.

      ~Ajoy Kumar Singha

  2. People go to most of the institution to learn what actually printed in the book, but if one is really serious about to learn and want to grow in their professional life then i must say you should go and join this this institute,
    Its one of the best institute which do not promised that we will provide high grade in subject but they promised that You will get learning which will lead you to build your Professional Platform.

    Cheers to Ajoy and Team!!!

    1. Thank you Hira. We do not make fake promises. Because the institutes which make 100% job assurance are fake business ventures who want to make money.

      We deliver the right kind of training which will last long in students’ career. We are glad that training helped you.

      ~Ajoy Kumar Singha

  3. “I have done my manual testing course form this institute and frankly speaking this is the best decision of my life. Guidance given by Ajoy sir is awesome and very helpful in making my career in software testing”—Vipin Vashisht

    1. Vipin,
      We are glad that our training helped you. You are on of our star students. Getting placed in Google projects is great achievement and we are proud of you.
      Thank you for the comment. We are sure we would produce many more students like you.

      ~Ajoy Kumar Singha

  4. The best thing about the institute is the core value and the proven knowledge about the subject. This is the best decision of my life to choose this institute, I learnt which is not mention in books which only come by the experience and knowledge of the faculty, and Ajoy sir and his team are the highly skilled professional who know how to develop the career path
    I highly recommend to everyone who really wants to build their career in software testing field, this is the institute where you will find that you come to the right place, “Worthfull Place”

    Best wish to Ajoy sir and his Team!!!

  5. “I just wanted you to pass on a very big ‘Thank You’ to all the trainers from Ajoy Sir’s institute that supported the various training over the last few years in gurgaon & delhi through classroom & online. The Trainers are all very accommodating and flexible with excelent real time knwoledge of the domain. Very good delivery and response to specific questions related to the course. The references to actual scenarios/cases were particularly relevant with IT industry. Very knowledgeable trainer’s with lots of good and useful experience. I have attended Software Testing training here and I can just say “Great training and very useful. Ajoy Sir did an excellent job by opening this institute. He is very knowledgeable and master of his profession in IT indutry. Thank you Sir!”

  6. I was never happy and confident as a tester, but only after joining Ajoy sir’s classes I got to know what actually testing is and what is its importance. Also the practical knowledge that I got from his (Ajoy sir’s) classes and the regular job alert mails helped me a lot in switching my job. For that I really want to thank him and his trainers.

    And at last but not the least, please do read TESTING CIRCUS magazine (The first of its kind and best magazine on testing) to keep yourself updated with latest trends in testing.

  7. I have done my manual testing course under the guidance of Ajoy sir. He has a different way of presenting the testing world. I found myself lucky to see this testing world in a different way. He not only tells us the basic testing but also takes us to the world of testing, I am continuously following this different world of testing and suggesting other to follow this. In a very short period I have have seen the people who have lot of confusion about the basic testing terms, but if you follow Ajoy sir I am sure there is lot of people around us who will clear you doubt in a simple way.
    I am looking forward to contribute this world.
    Thanks Ajoy sir and [I am including myself too… 🙂 ] our batch mates.

  8. It was pleasure to get trained by Mr. Ajoy Singha on “Manual Testing fundamentals” and most importantly the interaction with him as a person.

    The focus of the training is to develop competence and knowledge on testing.

    On Testing, I learned the basic fundamentals to move forward, which helped me a lot and to move in to a new “Job Profile”.

    I got the first hand knowledge on software projects and the role of testing in development.

    The “Mock Interviews” gave a lot of confidence.

    I believe, if you follow the guidance of the trainer, I have no doubt that you will be able to place yourself in the industry.

    -Ganesh Rajguru.

  9. “I would highly recommend this institute to everyone who would like to expand their horizons, not only in the world of IT but also in their personal life…This institute is having a Selenium Diamond named – “Manoj Hans” . He is having great and extensive knowledge about Selenium with Java. He is not only the best in his professional way but also the best person in your personal life too. He always ready to help everyone in Selenium testing as well as Manual testing too. I think everyone should join the course from Manoj Hans as he is great Trainer in every field of testing…my experience with Manoj Hans is very good personally as well as professionally. I really admire him for his all great help. Keep it up Sir….

    1. Thanks a lot Amit for your appreciation and also I am happy for u to got a job in selenium .It’s all about your hard work. We wish you a better future.

      –Manoj Hans

  10. I did my QTP course from here. My trainer Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal was very good, active, on time and with never say no attitude. I have not faced any issue in my 8 week course. I joined this class after 2 year of gap in my career, it was really helpful for me get my confidence and job.

    – Namrata

    1. Thanks a ton Namrata for ur kind words. It’s all your hard work and dedication that helped you to take your carreer to new heights. Wish you a great and successful future ahead ..

  11. I was searching for a good testing institute from a very long time as i was pretty serious about switching my career to a software testing. This quest of mine had taken me to various testing institutes. I attended several trial classes in these institutes but non of them seemed satisfactory. Then one of my friend told me about Ajoy sir and The Institute “Tell Me Some Thing About Yourself “.
    I did manual + automation(QTP) course from here. The best thing about this institute is that you get trained from a league of passionate working professionals. During the course the emphasis was on particle knowledge rather than mere theoretical knowledge. The latest software testing industry exposure was provided to gain the hands on experience. I also liked the moral upliftment sessions conduct by Ajoy Sir.
    The institute has also proved their commitment of life long relationship. Recently after getting a job as a QA, I faced some Challenges while working. Thanks to Pankaj sir who helped me in getting over them.

    My sincere thanks to Ajoy Sir, Sandeep Sir , Pankaj Sir and the team. Its a must recommended Institute for all the aspirants whom are serious to achieve their goal of become a Software Tester and need a right guidance…

  12. I did my QTP course from here under able guidance of Sandeep Agarwal Sir.He has emmense knowledge of QTP ,and a great teacher and trainer.You can alwaz rely on him and whenever any probelm occurs on any topic of QTP,he will surely help u at any time.
    I did QTP to increase my tchnical skill and today I can say yes I have acheived.
    My sincere thanks to Sandeep Sir and the team. Its a must recommended Institute for all the aspirants .

  13. Hello to all

    I did my Basic manual and automation testing course from here under the guidance of Pankaj Sharma Sir.He has a very good knowledge of manual testing and a very good trainer and most important i am here only for practical training what exactly happens in IT industry and yes i have achieved this at the end of the course,here we get special benefit to learn basic of Selenium also by Manoj Sir and i really liked as they taught us

    really special thanx to Pankaj Sharma sir and the team.

    Its a must recommended Institute for all the aspirants whom are serious to achieve their goal of become a Software Tester and need a right guidance and practical training.

  14. “I have done my manual testing course under the guidance of Pankaj sir the way of teaching of Pankaj sir is awesome and very helpful in making my career in software testing and friend i want to tell u one thing before joining this institute i was so confused about my career. Can i get my dream job in my future but after joining this institute i found that the focus of the trainer is to develop competence and knowledge on testing.

    Which helped me out and switch in to a new job profile. In the guidance of pankaj sir i complete my projects based training also at this stage i feel that i was working on that project like a professional and my dear friends when i came in this institute honestly speaking i was nothing and don’t have a single idea about testing but after my training i have no doubt related job or testing and now i have my dream job in my hand and this is the best institute in the Delhi Ncr.

    I think i am not wrong if i am saying ” Come for learn and get you dream job” —Ajay Rohilla

  15. Hi,

    I was searching a job from very long as I was quite serious about to switch the job. I was facing some educational issue to clear the interviews and I was very confused and tense. After all these I was trying to search a good testing institute to boost my educational knowledge and skills. One day I got a link of “Tell Me Some Thing About Yourself “.

    I did manual testing course from here under the guidance of Mr.Pankaj Sharma. He have very good knowledge of manual testing and also he is a very good trainer the most important thing about him is he is a great and helpful Person. The best thing about the institute is that i got training from a league of passionate working professionals. During the course emphasis was on particle knowledge on the basis of live project rather than theoretical. I learn what exactly happens in IT industries. From here I acquire knowledge more than my acceptation which is helping me in practical job.

    After completing the course I got new job in top level MNC company as a Test Engineer. Finally I am on the way to achieve my goal. Thanks to Pankaj Sir who helped me in my worse situation. Again thanks a lot to Pankaj sir and his team

    These lines are only for those guys and people who are really looking to become a real tester not a fake one. It is a must recommended institute for the software testing in entire Delhi/NCR. “Go for learn and be a strong fighter in IT market and make your dream comes true”.

    — Ashok Mishra

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