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QTP Training in Gurgaon Delhi: Become a good Automation Tester

Are you looking for information to learn QTP Training in Gurgaon Delhi? Here is some information before you decide about QTP training.

Ever since programming language was developed in the world, there has been no looking back. All developers are looking for new and novel ways to do more about developing applications and constantly working on techniques to improve the work scenario. And testing those applications is an essential task today.

There are several automation tools and QTP is one of them too.  QuickTest Professional also known as QTP is a graphical interface and testing tool which is similar to Selenium. There are various factors under which QTP and Selenium can be tested including areas such as supportability, maintenance and support.

The main differences between QTP and Selenium are that QTP can be used for either web or non-web variables. In the case of QTP, it becomes very easy to enter in the data variables. Plus in the case of QTP, the tool will be working with Quality Center for an integrated QA process. It is very easy to test various functions when using QTP. All these factors make it very easy for programmers and testers to use QTP as a testing tool and more and more people tend to migrate to this tool.

In case, you need a testing tool which has a basic web automation record, stop, run with minor data variables with zero cost, then Selenium is the tool for you. In case, you would prefer a complete integrated QA process with an automated tool, then you should definitely go for QTP. It is also important to note that when you are using QTP as a testing tool, you also have a better performing and faster tool. This is one of the prime reasons why a lot of programmers prefer to have it as part of their testing procedures.

QTP is also preferred by many because of the fact that it is one of the few testing tools which claims to provide end user simulation. In other words, this also means executing scripts in a QTP means that it is equivalent to a person performing the steps manually on the execution of the program. This thus gives a lot more freedom and precision in conducting testing on various tools.

QTP is more beneficial than Selenium because of the fact that it provides support for most UI components. In other words, certain events, object properties and methods which are not supported by selenium are easily supported by QTP. However, it does require many extra plugins, but most of them can be purchased free of cost. QTP also supports all kinds of dialog boxes. In Selenium, there is only partial support which makes it unpopular with programmers who want some versatility in their software. Hence, QTP is mostly preferred. Also, QTP easily supports all kinds of browsers, either IE & Firefox. Selenium, on the other hand supports only IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera and a few more browsers. But QTP is preferred by many because it supports cross platforms and gives the programmers more chance to explore.

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