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About the Java J2EE Course:
Today we live in the age of a collaborative, integrated and unified communication environment with the presence of numerous intelligent devices and applications. In this world of collaboration Java J2EE allows the developers the flexibility of interacting through various interfaces like Desktops, Phones, TVs, Browsers, Internet etc. Java J2EE is a platform that allows a developer to make intelligent applications with interoperability across platforms, that too in a limited timeframe.
• Our Java J2EE program, specially designed for Science and Engineering graduates and final year students, aims at helping students gain an edge.
• Our Java J2EE program is unlike any other as it comes with specialized modules on industry orientation and enables students to prepare for actual application development.
• The program helps student’s skill themselves in the fast growing Java J2EE development architecture.
• Our faculties are working professionals who are currently working in India’s top IT companies and they impart trainings on weekends only.
• These working professionals are more oriented towards solving real Java J2EE problems than just teaching theoritical knowledge.
• We have proven expertise in preparing high quality professionals in Java J2EE technologies.
• We support students with real time projects, interview questions and personal attention.
• Placement support provided to all students.

Course Outline:
Course 1 – Basic Core Java
Basic Core Java Course Contents:
• Introduction to Java programming
• The Java Virtual Machine
• Variables and data types
• Conditional and looping constructs
• Arrays
• Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects
• Fields and Methods
• Constructors
• Overloading methods
• Garbage collection
• Nested classes
• Inheritance
• Overriding methods
• Polymorphism
• Making methods and classes final
• Abstract classes and methods
• Interfaces
• Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally construct
• The Exception class
• The Object class
• Cloning objects
• The JDK LinkedList class
• Strings
• String conversions
• Working with types: Wrapper classes
• Enumeration interface
• Packages
• Package access
• Documentation comments
• Applets
• Configuring applets
• Applet capabilities and restrictions
• Basics of AWT and Swing
• Layout Managers
• Event Handling
• The Action Listener interface
• Panels
• Classes for various controls, such as label, choice, list,
• Checkbox, etc.
• Dialogs and frames
• Using menus
• Using the adapter classes
• Graphics
• Threads
• Synchronisation
• The I/O Package
• InputStream and OutputStream classes
• Reader and Writer classes
• Basic concepts of networking
• Working with URLs
• Concepts of URLs
• Sockets
• Database connectivity with JDBC
• Servlets
Duration – Approx 10 weeks – weekend classes
Fee – Rs. 10000/-

Course 2 – Advance Java J2EE
Advance Java Course Contents:
Java 2 Enterprise Edition
• The Enterprise today
• J2EE Platform
• J2EE Architecture
• Developing J2EE Applications
• Database Programming with JDBC
• Java Database Connectivity
• Database Drivers
• Open database Connectivity
• Servlets
• Servlet Implementation
• More about Servlets
• Tomcat Documentation
• JSP – Java Server Pages
• JSP Basics & Architecture
• The Nuts & Bolts
• JSP Application Design
• Tag Libraries
• Struts
• Introduction to Frameworks
• Frameworks vs Class Libraries
• Struts Framework
• Configuration
• Packages in Struts
• Role of XML
• XML Syntax & Parsing
• Elements. Tags & Attributes
•Overview of Design Patterns
• Hibernate Concepts
• Eclipse
Duration – Approx 10 weeks – weekend classes
Fee – Rs. 10000/-

»Additional advantage with all courses
• Free E-Books/Tools/Software
• Sun Certication Exam Support
• HR Interview Questions
• Resume Preparation
• Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

Please feel free to contact us –
»Prabhakar Mishra (IBM)+91-9911449111 for Java Training (Sector 17C Main Gate, Near IFFCO/Bata Chowk, Gurgaon)

**We don’t have very fancy decorated class rooms but we promise to give you best knowledge from practical and hands on training point of view.

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