Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: What are the courses that we teach?
We teach Software Testing (Both Manual Testing and Automation Tools), Dot Net, Java J2EE, PHP and MySQL, Data Warehousing and Interview Facing Skills.

Question 2: Tell us about details of the course
Please visit the detailed course page of your choice.

Question 3: What are the duration of each course?
Duration –
Software Testing (Manual Testing + Basics of Automation) – 10 weeks
Advanced Automation using QTP – 6 weeks
Selenium Testing – 8 weeks
Dot Net – 10 weeks
Java J2EE – 10 weeks
PHP and MySQL – 10 weeks
Data Warehousing – 10 weeks

Question 4: What is the course fee for each course?
Course Fee –
Software Testing (Manual Testing + Basics of Automation) – Rs. 9000/-
Advanced Automation using QTP – Rs. 10000/-
Selenium – Rs. 10000/-
Dot Net – Rs. 8000/-
Java J2EE – Rs. 8000/-
PHP and MySQL – Rs. 8000/-
Data Warehousing – Rs. 8000/-

Question 5: Who will be the trainers?
All our trainers are working professionals working in multinational companies such as HCL Technologies, Birlasoft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies etc.

Question 6: Do you provide experience certificate after the completion of the course?
No. We don’t provide any fake experience certificate. However, we will equip with skills enough to get you a job without that fake piece of paper.

Question 7: What about placement guarantee etc?
Let us tell you some truth. No training organization can create jobs in the market. They can only inform you where vacancies exist in the market. Of course no one provide guarantee, it is called placement assistance with a small star called conditions apply. So if any training institute is giving 100% placement guarantee, they are simply lying to get your money.
We are industry people unlike other commercial institutes. We know what the market wants and we have lots of connection among industry. We have enough information about where there are vacancies which are available through company employee referral schemes.
We will try to place each and every student trained by us. We will put your email id in a distribution list where all vacancies will be automatically emailed to you. This is valid for life time even after you finished your trainings years ago with us.
We are sincere people. We don’t fake.

Question 8: What are the class timings?
We are open only on weekends (because our trainers are all working professionals). The class timing would depend on the kind of course and the batch you join. Please talk to our coordinator for details on this.

Question 9: Why should we get training from you? What is the extra that you provide?
As you know all our trainers are working professionals, you get to learn the practical implementation of the subject you learn. Theories and practical implementation are different especially in IT industry. Just learning theories will never get you the job that you want. Most of the training institute has full time theoretical trainers. We arrogantly assume that those trainers are themselves incapable of taking up a job in IT industry and that is the reason they are full time trainers. Do you want to learn from such a trainer? The biggest advantage that you would get by learning from our working professional trainers is that you will know that actually happens inside an IT project and industry. This helps you understand your subject better and prepare for your future job.

Question 10: Is there any live projects that students will do during the course?
Yes, every course has its own multiple live projects. Students will be equipped to access those projects via internet and our labs. We will give you all software and documentation required for those projects.

Question 11: Do you have decorated class rooms and air conditioned rooms?
No. We believe only in pure learning. We give importance to knowledge training. We are not luxury resorts. If you want to have luxury of AC rooms and decorated class rooms, please visit some other institute and waste your money there.

Question 12: Can I attend a demo class and then decide if I want to enroll in the class?
All our classes are serious class. It will never happen that in a demo class we will give better lectures and in the non-demo class we will just go blah blah. If you don’t continue the class, your classes are demo classes. However, we welcome you to attend one or two classes as demo before you decide to pay us your course fee.

Question 13: Do you have weekday classes too?
We are open only on weekends as of now. But Weekdays classes can be arranged. Please talk to your trainer.

Question 14: Do you have online classes?
Yes. Some of our classes have online class facilities. Please talk to our coordinator for details.

Question 15: Can I meet the trainers before joining the course?
Yes. Please take prior appointment with the trainer of your course to clarify more doubts if you have.

Question 16: What is your placement record so far?
Even though we do not advertise fake guarantee we have excellent placement record. Our ex students are working in TCS, Infosys, Sapient, HCL Technologies, MPhasis, IBM, eBusinessware, Nagarro Software, Ample Testing, Globalogic, Aon Hewitt, NIIT, and other lots of other well known companies.

Question 17: Do you prepare your students for real interviews and help them with resume preparation etc?
Yes. That is our one of the strong skills. We will help you prepare your resume in industry standard. With our course we help students with lots of mock interviews. In some cases, we even video record the mock interviews and help you understand where you should improve including communication skills and body language.

Question 18: How many students in a batch?
We don’t believe in crowd class. There are certain limits beyond which the trainer will not be able give attention to each student. Most of our courses will have a batch size of 3-4 students. But some popular courses may have more number of students up to a maximum of 10 students in a batch.

Question 19: Can I repeat some of the class if I have some doubts?
Yes, you can repeat the whole class free of cost if you want – if you have missed some of the classes or your concepts are still not clear or you just want to revise the topic.

Question 20: Why your organization’s name is Tell Me Something About Yourself?
In almost all interviews, this is the first question that is asked to a candidate. We believe that our training program can be the first step towards your professional job hunting and thus the name Tell Me Something About Yourself.

If you have another question that is not listed above, please ask us in the comment section below. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks for your Excellent initialization to start QTP from the basics. One kind suggestion is that,a training would be even more helpful if you can explain the information with simple examples and screenshots, so that it would help the concepts clearly.

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